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Welcome to Atlas Custom Guitars!

Atlas Custom Guitars is a custom builder of high quality electric guitars offered at reasonable prices. Atlas aim to provide an impeccable product at an affordable price. Atlas Luthiers have been making exquisite guitars by hand since 1962. They have a vast and varied experience in all aspects of guitar design and construction. Every instrument is made totally by hand from start to completion. Every neck is made individually for each guitar, not chosen from a pile and altered to fit. Every piece of wood is selected using their infamous Luthiers tapping technique for perfect tone, pitch and harmonic matching of neck and body woods. All guitars are constructed of solid wood (No laminates).

Woods are of the finest quality sourced from USA, Africa and India. Quilt and flame timbers are the very best in the world. Pickups are hand scatter wound and produce the best tones I have heard.

Exclusive hand made guitars, but at a price the average musician can afford.

E-mail for any more information, photos or to arrange an appointment to come and try one out!