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Single coils


R-Supersonic single coil pickup has staggered polepieces with ” chamfered Alnico V magnets “. R-Supersonic single coil pickup is higher output than any other brands. Rich in harmonics and natural sustain, ideal if you use a lot of effects. Neck and middle pickups make the best choice for balance.


Middle pickup is reverse wound/ reverse polarlity. Bridge pickup is slightly over wound for better balance.





Pickup name

Catalog no.






DC Resistance

Power Plus XN 195 mV Designed to get hotter and heavier guitar tone, created for hotter than vintage pickup series. 7 8 6 6.5
Power Plus XM 240 mV Reverse vound reverse polarity, fat, rich and powerful high output, with more sustain. 6 7 5 7.2
Power Plus XB 290 mV Full midrange of tone shape. High output, more attack, clear and well balanced sound. 8 8.5 5.5 10.5