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(35) Jem
9 June, 2014

Bought Atlas Eternity Redwood model.
Hi Paul
I was intending to get a fender custom shop strat or a prs, but was, as usual, blown away by the Atlas range.All were magnificent and it was great to have such a choice.

(34) KMx
9 June, 2014

Hey Paul,
Guitar arrived this morning, she's absolutely stunning. Plays beautifully, and sounds just as soulfull as she is mean.
Fan-bloody-tastic. =)

(33) Peter Ryder
26 May, 2014

Hi Paul and Gaynor,

I bought the Atlas luxurious SA guitar off you at the Manchester guitar show and I wanted to say thank you for a couple of things.

Firstly, the service; you and your wife made Lauren and I feel very comfortable, it was a pleasure talking to you both and to be perfectly honest, that certainly played a part in my decision to buy the guitar. Your passion for the guitars shines through - please don't ever lose this from your sales pitch!

Secondly, the instrument itself; I played it at home last night and again for an hour before work this morning and it's simply stunning. It's quite tough to decide why - I usually steer clear of Strat-style guitars, and was also specifically looking for something with a Floyd Rose at the show! This guitar just has that "thing" that makes you never want to put it down.

The build quality is outstanding, the planks of wood chosen are beautiful and it plays unbelievably well.

Thank you so much for your help and patience while I went through half your stock guitars - you have a very happy customer here and I hope that makes your efforts feel worthwhile.

Thank you so much for the photos, it's great to see my guitar in production and really adds even further value to the purchase.

I must admit, having never heard of Atlas prior to meeting you both at the show, I took a chance of sorts, by trusting my instincts that the guitar just felt 'right'!

I took it to my friend's private studio last night and the guys were all in agreement that it's simply a stunning instrument. These are all chaps with enviable guitar collections themselves, and all felt my Atlas is up there with the best PRS and Patrick Eggle's they've owned.

I actually have an original '93 Patrick Eggle Berlin myself, and this Atlas is without doubt comparable.

Finally, Lauren was absolutely right - the guitar matches the new swivel sofas we bought, so everyone is happy haha!

I hope to meet you both again in the future.

Kindest Regards

Peter Ryder
Sales Director

(32) Alvin Marper
24 July, 2013

Hi Paul,

It was great meeting you and many thanks for the time you gave me at the show to choose my guitar. I have paid the balance into the account you gave me please confirm receipt of it at your earliest convenience.

I've only played it briefly whilst showing off to my wife Angie ,but I'm already certain I made the right choice, I'm absolutely delighted with every aspect, real quality.

Hope to see you again sometime.
Kind Regards

Alvin Marper

(Manchester guitar show. Luxurious flametop guitar in amber.)

(31) Juha Ryynänen
19 June, 2012

Hi Paul.
Here my rewiew for Star Saphire. I will send Deluxe rewiew later.

Atlas Star Saphire standard

Really high quality beautiful guitar, which responses playing by
nice gentle vibration.
I have checked it carefully and i have not found anything flaws,
only well finished details.
Playing is made easy by good shape of body and neck.
Frets are well finished so bending strings is pleasure.
Guitar has two humbucker pickups with possibility to split them
by pull up tone pots.
Using humbuckers ,sound is strong, warm and clear.
Splitting pickups there are lighter tones available and you cannot
hear any disturbance voices.
There is also long sustain.
This great guitar is absolutely worth it's price, well made, good to
play and beautiful.
I bought my Atlas from Mr. Paul Cumming. He is very helpfull
and surely knows all about Atlas guitars.

Juha Ryynänen

(30) Eki. A
27 May, 2012

Hi Paul,

The guitar had arrived safely to Finland and the packaging was fully intact and the guitar and case arrived in mint condition. I haven't yet had a chance to try the guitar through an amp, but acoustically it has a strong and clear tone and the body resonates very well. I was also very pleased to see how excellent the fretwork was. Perfectly alligned and very smooth to play. The overall finish of this guitar is simply stunning and probably the best I've seen in any guitar. I also lke how the color its a bit more dim and laid back compared to the pictures. It makes the guitar look more classy and brings out the gold hardware and dragon inlay better. All in all, this truly seems to be an exquisite guitar and easily worth the price. Just can't wait to plug it to an amp and see how it sounds.

Please send my compliments to the luthiers. This guitar is close to perfection and doesn't fall any behind of the PRS guitars I have had the oppurtunity to play.

(29) Håkan Nyman
24 April, 2012

Hello Paul,

Today I picked up the guitar You sent me. After unpacking it
I found myself just staring at the guitar. It is absolutely awesome and good looking.

After a while I started to play with it. This is really a very good guitar. I like it very much. The feel and playability is so much better in this guitar compared to those "series production" ones.

After plugin it in to my amplifier the smile on my face just got wider. Personally, I like the sound of Santana and Gary Moore (PRS and Gibson LP) . I would say that this Atlas guitar goes somewhere in between those earlier mentioned in sound.
I guess with these humbuckers splitting option one can approach Fenderish sounds also.

Anyway, It has its own special sound from where I can start to build up my own sound.

So, I want to thank You for a very good guitar and it was pleasure to do business with You.

Best regards

Håkan Nyman

(28) Dominic
6 March, 2012

I play the guitar badly. I bought the Elegant because it looked so beautiful. However I have a friend who plays a '59 Les Paul, and who figured once in the top ten blues guitarists in the world, and I asked him how the Atlas plays. He said it was awesome, he prefers his '59 LP, but he said he rates the Atlas very very highly. I had a little trouble getting it back off him!

(27) Antti Kononen
2 November, 2011

Hi Paul,

I finally got the guitar today and the package was in very good condition!
The package arrived to finland on friday, but I got it today because UPS
needed to drive the package from Helsinki to Joensuu first which is about
500 km or so.

Overall I'm very pleased of this purchase, the guitar looks even better in
nature than it did on the pictures! The playability is also fantastic. I'm
definitely going to recommend you to my friends also if they want to buy new
guitars for themselves!

Antti Kononen

(26) Simon and gordon
30 October, 2011

Hey Paul, just received the Custom Premier green quilt top hollowbody guitar and I just want to say it is beautiful , I am truly satisfied with it . I think it's amazing and will seriously consider many more guitars from you. Thank you so much and I hope you keep in touch with updates and send info on new guitars to me.

Cheers Simon and gordon
West Sussex, UK

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