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(25) Jeff Littlewood
15 May, 2011

I met Paul at the Haydock Park guitar Fair/show today -Sunday 15th May 2011, and played one of the 'Atlas' LP style guitars on dislay. Just fantastic build quality and great tone. Very impressive quality for unbelievable value. I play in a Rock/Blues band and would be very happy with the guitar I tested. I also collect guitars and build them as a hobby, so I am fanatical about build design, build quality, materials (wood & hardware) and how a guitar plays and sounds. I know about guitars and these are GREAT guitars. Many thanks Paul for letting me play one today. I could well be buying one in the near future. Kind Regards - Jeff L (Leeds, Yorkshire)

(24) Jason
27 March, 2011

Hello Paul , just to let you know i used the guitar for the first time at a gig on Sat night and its awsome , i am so pleased with it its just a dream to play and so comfortable that after 2 hrs of playing it still is comfortable . It drew a bit of attention from a guy who plays in a local band as hes read a few things about Atlas but its the first one he,s seen in the flesh and he was well impressed . regards Jason..

(23) Steve Murray
5 February, 2011

Before I start, I'd just like to say a big thanks to Paul for all his patience and his professionalism when dealing with my enquiries, you won't find a better guy to deal with.

I ordered an Elegant 5A flame burst with dragon fretboard inlay.


Guitar is exceptionally well made. Being completely handmade it isn't perfect, but it's damn near it.

The woods used are top quality the mahogany body and neck are really nice. The flame top is just gorgeous and it's very thick.

The finish is not too thick and very glassy. There a couple of imperfection under the finish looks like a couple of tiny contaminants like maybe a little dust but really not noticeable.

The fingerboard inlay is abalone shell and is very nice, I can't comment on how tidy it's fitted as I have never seen anything like it, I would assume a PRS inlay maybe slight tidier but they are machine cut and not hand cut.

The matching flames laminate on the headstock is thick and wonderful and has a lovely Atlas inlay. also the Ebony trussrod cover is classy.

The fit of the neck the shape of the neck are perfect, the neck is very wide and fat but not too fat, I had a Tokai les paul which I couldn't get on with as the neck was too fat. This guitar however is just right the fretboard is very flat which makes playing easy. It's a wider fretboard than i'm used to but having big hands means it suits me better.

All the cutaways and recesses are great especially the rear bottom cutaway as it provides the best access to high frets of any singlecut style guitar.

The graphite nut is cut perfectly and the action from first to last fret is consistent with minimum amounts of fret buzz.


This guitar has the XS1 and XS2 pickups which I must say are awesome, total tones machines.

The bridge pickup is tight focused with plenty of bass and mids with a smooth treble, great for rock and metal and not shrill when run clean. The Neck humbucker is very smooth with great bass and had no muddiness or wooleyness. The best neck pickup I have played it's great for lead work and really sings.

The coil-taps allow for great variation in tone and opens up many tones on the one guitar.

This is the best sounding guitar I have, if you want that Mark Tremonti (Creed / Alterbridge) tone it's there it's very comparable.
I couldn't ask for more tone-wise fact!

All the hardware is gold, Gotoh wraparound bridge which is better than a PRS equivalent because of the great intonation adjustment. The Schaller machine heads are smooth and stable tuning is great especially as the nut is so good..

Overall apart from some minor finish imperfection it's a 9 out of 10 if it was perfect which I doubt it could be being completely handmade it would be a 10.

Hardcase was included a deluxe one and is excellent.

So really it's the best sounding / built and feeling guitar I have had in my 15+ years of playing. This guitar has completely replaced my Les Paul Custom which will no be my backup only guitar.

Amazing job buy the guys as Atlas especially for the price. I would love another and hope to get one when funds allow.

If your not sure about these guitars, rest assured you will find nothing for this price in term of build and quality it's a great investment and has made me very happy.

Once again many thanks Paul hope to deal with you again, and I will spread the word about these wonderful guitars.

Cheers, Steve

(22) Martin Kerr
15 January, 2011

Hi Paul,

Well at last my ATLAS CUSTOM ELEGANT GUITAR has arrived.

I have never seen a package so well packed in my life , it took me almost half an hour to unwrap it, thinking all the while boy I hope it’s as good as the wrapping.

Well on opening the case I had to gasp ,because it looked even better.

Grabbing it in both hands (I didn’t want to drop it) I headed for the best light I could find, There I twisted it, turned it, and inspected it on every side and from every angle IT LOOKED AND WAS PERFECT.

I headed towards the amp and plugged it in, picking a fairly clean setting on the amp started to have a twiddle, IT FELT GREAT what a superb set up, Most certainly the best and the lowest action of all my guitars even with a tremolo fitted to it.

Enough of this melodic twiddling ,let’s get some rock going and see if this thing really can do the business.

YEP it certainly can!!!!!!

All in all an Atlas guitar was best choice I could have made.

To all at the Atlas factory , I thank you so much for the best guitar I own or am ever likely to own .Your craftsmanship and expertise is very much appreciated.

And to my friend Paul Cumming and His lovely assistant Gaynor ,both of whom I had never met before ordering this work of art , well I hope to buy you both a drink in Rhodes in 2011, but if we don’t meet up please keep in touch.

Kind regards

Martin Kerr.

(21) Steve
15 January, 2011


Sorry this has taken so long.

(As a bit of background - Steve has over 30 years experience as a respected session musician & recording Artist. His CD under the name of "HAVOC 51" - Heartbreak & Hometruths sold 8000 copies and the new CD "Beyond The Icecaves" is available now.)

So I finally have my Atlas Uranus guitar. The first thing that hits ou is the WOW factor of the way the instrument looks. I've read somewhere that it "looks like the love child of a Warlock & a Jem", an I guess I can see that. It's taken a lot of the cool things from both those designs & made a guitar that gives it that unique special look. But it goes way past that. The balance is just about perfect, the cut outs make it ideal for sitting perfectly on your knee when sat down, and it feels wonderful. There's a lot of great design gone in here that goes beyond the good looks.
For me the real shock came when you play it. It plays like a dream, the feel and the set up are ideal. From basic chrord progressions to picking to soloing & the two handed wizadry & pick tapping, this guitar plays better than any other I have. To take this further I invited several of my guitarist friends to try it out, and in every case there was that same jaw dropping moment when it's played.

Plugged in, the R-supersonic pickups have bags of tone and enough solid mids to give an endless sustain. Each note is clear & there is subtle tones that come in when you lower the volume knob. The arm bar is solid and easy to control from subtle bends to wild bombs & gargles.

But let's be honest it looks like a rock guitar, a piece of space driftwood that's meant to be cranked up & overdriven. In this respect it performs like a guitar four times the price. There's natural harmonics everywhere (certainly on 2.5, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, & 12th frets, plus some others).

Any downsides to this guitar. Well for me there is only the two. Firstly it's a little awkward with the positioning of the strap nuts, making it awkward to get the strap on. Secondly the name ha ha - could you re-consider calling it the "Havocaster".

I've attached a small re-recording from the HAVOC51 CD - Beyond the Ice caves. It's the opening to a track called "Shaving Age". The clean picking, the power chords, and the soloing are all done by the Uranus and gives an indication of the different qualities this guitar has.

(20) James Healey
25 September, 2010

I own a Luxurious LB3, the old headstock design and it's wonderful I hear from Paul at Atlas it's one of the first that was sold here in the UK it's a real beast of a guitar and It's totally replaced my PRS Custom 24 for live work it cuts through so well and has amazingly an large, sweet tone.. Can't say enough about these guitars a second is definitely on the cards just gotta save up now.

It's the one in this picture:

(19) Arttu
10 August, 2010

Hi Paul,

I was supposed to write you earlier, but I unfortunately had a hectic week at work. Anyway here comes the review of my new beautiful Atlas Star Sapphire. I hope I can as thorough as possible. It's very Finnish to say things frank and keep it short.

After few days of playing, I have to say my new Star Sapphire is the best guitar I've ever played. Playing the guitar is made very easy, and the access to all 24 frets is brilliant due to the great craftsmanship on the neck.
The tone of the sound is versatile. There's nice full, warm and dark mahogany sound and yet it's pretty bright, which is great. The pickups I chose are fantastic. Nice crunchy sound. I don't know what caused it, but I've been playing lot of Journey's songs after I got the guitar hah.
I love the dolphin inlays! They are well made and beautiful. The whole outlook of the guitar is just what I wanted. Nice deep Tiger Eye dye with nice wawy quilt maple.
Overall I'm very pleased and happy and scale to 1 to 10 I'll give 10. Absolutely amazing work, thank you Paul.
The guitar was so great, that I'll gonna order another one from you, but not immediately. I promised to my wife that we're gonna visit Ireland next summer, so I'll have to start saving some traveling money. But right after the next summer, mark my words. So hopefully you were pleased too, so we can do some business in the future.
Sorry about a bit rash review, like I said we Finns like to keep it short.


(18) Christopher Gray
10 August, 2010

First off let me express my complete gratitude to Mr. Paul Cummings. You will not deal with a more gracious and professional guitar dealer anywhere!!!

I received the guitar last week and waited to put her through her paces before writing. First off Paul's packing was top notch, The guitar arrived to me in the USA in perfect tune.

No pictures do this guitar justice in any way shape or form, it is a true work of art visually from every angle. Also after going over it with a fine tooth comb I find it completely flawless.

She's made up of an Alder body with a Curly Ash cap a 3 piece Maple neck & Gaboon Ebony 24 fret board with mother of pearl lightning bolt inlays. XT pickups, Gotoh Gold Floyd and hardware.

Sound wise Tone Tone and Screaming Tone. This instrument covers the spectrum. I'm playing through 92 Marshall 6100's the Blue one's with Mullard matched tubes throughout and modified Randall MTS modules.

Playing the Uranus straight without anything to color the sound, to my surprise in the neck position the creamiest tone you could ever want if you weren't looking at it you would swear it was an LP design you were listening to. In the middle you get the best of both worlds thick cream with all your Harmonics added. In the bridge position the Razors edge It's like riding a Dragon into battle over the top no frills all thrills!!!
The sustain is insane, now remember all sustain is not the same. As I have noticed in 30 yrs.of playing a lot of guitars. Even top notch ones generally have a harmonic sweet spot that they like to gravitate to when feedback sustaining. This guitar grabs the harmonic of the note being played and screams on it, that's what you want. And as an added bonus grabbing the bar this guitar varies the harmonics perfectly without losing control killer. OMG did I just admit I'm not in my 20's anymore say what .

Now this just blows me away, It absolutely will not go out of tune using the whammy bar, I've tried hard but it hasn't been tuned in a week of playing on it at "least a minimum 2 hrs a night". I mean not outside of 1 cents one way or the other crazy. That is absolutely mind boggling for any guitar let alone a guitar that's 4 weeks old.

So in conclusion Atlas Custom Guitars Rock!!! True Tone Monsters.

My many thanks to the Rinton family for doing guitars the way they should be done with harmonically tone tapped matched pieces skilled precision care and love of the craft. I look very forward to my next one.

And Paul what can I say "Your the Man"


(17) Ian
10 August, 2010

hi this is my second atlas guitar .i got the luxurious this time its a lefty model .the colour is trans purple flame top .i sent the colour to them and they matched it .the inlays are stunning i call them triangles in abalone colour there very classy .the pickups are there most powerfull and pack a punch .but also very clear concidering the power of them .the guitar is top notch again everything is first class .and a big thank you again to mr paul cummings who keeps you well updated all the way through .these guitars are a great buy and great quality cheers ian

(16) Kev Fletcher
10 August, 2010

I came across the Atlas Sapphire at the Middlesbrough Guitar Fair in the autumn of 2008, when I was at the show supposedly to buy a Gibson Firebird I was told was for sale. But the Atlas stand took just about everyone’s eye. A fine array of beautiful guitars, hand made and hand crafted.

Having gigged for more than thirty years in club and pub bands, I’m passed the stage of judging a guitar by price. I read all the time in reviews “this is a great value for money guitar”, which immediately makes me feel it lacks something.

In my mind, the guitar either cuts the mustard, or it doesn’t! No half measures. It is either fit to be gigged … or it isn’t … and I don’t expect the audience to understand any cost-cutting when a solo goes flat on its **** because of a “value for money” guitar.

So forget anything negative about the pricing of the Atlas Sapphire, because it is a top of the range instrument. I own a Gibson Les Paul and an Ibanez Steve Vai 777 Jem, and I regard the Atlas as my number one guitar. Ordered one in light blue.

BODY – Very much in the PRS style. I’ve never owned a PRS Custom 24 so I cannot compare the two. But it is a magnificent job, finished off superbly well.

NECK/FRETBOARD – We play a lot of songs in E so I need that 24th fret, which gives this an obvious advantage over the Les Paul. It is a chunky neck, with frets very well finished off (certainly better than the Gibson), and easy access to the top notes. Fret markers are tasteful blue-ish mother of pearl, to match the body.

HEADSTOCK – Mother of pearl logo, and top class machine heads that don’t shift, and I’m extremely heavy-handed.

PICK-UPS – Two R-Supersonic humbuckers that have loads of power and versatility.

CONTROLS – Two tone – one volume – with three way selector switch. The big advantage is the push-pull coil-taps, which I fell in love with when I owned a Yamaha SG 2000 many years ago. Just as good on this Sapphire. Gives a real ‘cut’ on rhythm/reggae chops.

BRIDGE – Standard trem, not Floyd Rose and locking nut. Far better than the junk I’ve found on Fender Strats, and a solid and reliable system that is easy to control with an arm that stays were it is put – ideal for live work.

The only change I have made is replacing the truss-rod cover, which is cosmetic and to personalize the guitar, and nothing to do with any fault. I have replaced it with a hand-made brass cover with my name on it. Which I think sums up how proud I am of this excellent instrument

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