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(15) Dave
10 August, 2010

I ordered my Elegant Standard in July 2009 and it arrived in January 2010. Was it worth the wait? You better believe it!!

Although the guitar is called a Standard there is nothing standard about it. It was built to my specification including the hardware, type of bridge, tobaccoburst colour and mother of pearl birds inlay on the neck. It also comes in a hard case which would set you back another £50 or so at least.

The guitar plays like a dream as well as looking like one. The quality of service that I've received from Paul Cumming is second to none including updates and photos over the 6 months or so that I waited.

I will now be selling my other "Les Paul" style guitars so that I can buy another Elegant Standard but this time probably in greenburst and with either dolphin or butterfly inlays on the neck.

Thanks again Paul - excellent job.

(14) Mark Harding
10 August, 2010

I ordered and designed a custom guitar and must say it is the best guitar I have played! Brilliant tone, and a fantastic feel! I would definately recommend an Atlas guitar to anyone!

The service was great and I was always kept up to date with pictures and emails about my guitar!

A brilliant company! Long Live Atlas Guitars!

(13) ian
10 August, 2010

i have just recieved the guitar today and had a quick blast .i ordered the star sapphire lefty in 5a quilt top .the colour is a bluey green i sent paul pictures of the colour i was looking for and they matched it .the quilt on this guitar is unbelievable i cant stop looking at it .i got all gold hardware and it looks fantastic with the body colour and matching headstock .the pickups are the xs1 and xs2 and they are superb great rock sound ive never had coil splits before but there awesome .everything about this guitar is flawless the bird inlays are spot on and the fingerboard in black ebony and looks stunning.i must give thanks to mr paul cumming a great welsh man who gets the magic done he kept me well updated with pictures ect .but i have to say the pictures dont do this justice untill you open the case .if you want the guitar of your dreams they will do it.. you cant ask for anything more i love it thanks again paul i am well impressed as big arnie would say ill be back cheers ian from bonnie scotland

(12) Karl Martin
10 August, 2010

Hey Paul,
Here's my review of the guitar;

Ok, so the model I ordered from Atlas was a Star Sapphire Custom (left handed, I'm special), with a floyd rose.
My first impressions, both from seeing the earliest pictures of the guitar being built and to the time of writing this are that this guitar is really something quite special. It's a feeling I sincerely doubt will fade.
The finish I ordered (flame graded) is so so gorgeous. The subtle tones in the wood were by far unjustified in the pictures Paul sent me prior to recieving the guitar. What's more the star body inlay is completely seemless in the body, and though I've played with this guitar in front of people a fair amount in the short time I've had it, it still turns heads and draws attention. The finish on the guitar is also very hardy compared to my previous axe, it's suffered minimal belt buckle marks, and these are nothing that won't polish out.
In terms of playability, the neck and body are a revelation in that I didn't realise how hard I was working to play my previous guitar (which is a les paul, for the record). The neck doesn't become thicker and bulky around the 12th to 15th fret, making access to all 24 frets amazingly easy. The neck profile is similar to my les paul, only thinner, and makes it so much easier to play, and feels like a natural fit for my hand at any fret.
The sound is really powerful, yet diverse. I chose the most powerful pickups that atlas offer, with coil taps, and they really do pack a punch with everything cranked. But on the flipside, they can be held back slightly for softer styles such as that of John Mayer and Damien Rice. The coil taps diversify the sound further, making for an amazing tone for chunky funk chords or a tinny 60s rhythm sound, a feature I recommend to anyone with the money for it.
Over all, I needed a guitar that, as a popular music performance student, would play any style and timbre that was asked of me. Atlas have more than done this, and what's more made it a pleasure to behold and play.

Huge thanks to Paul and the team, who've been helpful and informative all the way through the proccess. =)"



(11) Lassi Overmark
10 August, 2010

Hi Paul!

I got the guitar today, they brought it to my home anyway. It was very well packed indeed. I can only tell you that it's absolutely fantastic! The colour looks great, it looks a lot deeper and simply better than in the pictures you sent. I adjust the guitar a bit ,now it is just awesome to play! The neck feels super smooth and the thickness and the neck profile are perfect to my hands. Having raised the strings a bit the sustain is unbelieveable. The notes just keep on ringing and you really can feel the strings and the whole neck and body vibrate.

Still the best of all things is the sound! It is the most versatile guitar I've ever heard. The bridge pickup delivers a very powerful and accurate sound and the neck pickup is great for round and smooth lead tones, especially with the tone rolled back a bit. I'm very surprised of the quality of the single coil sounds also, the guitar sounds almost like a Strat. The guitars sound is also very dynamic and the volume knob works really well, it retains the treble when turning the volume down unlike many other guitars.
I am really satisfied with the guitar and you can really sense that it's really high quality. It's definitely worth the money.
Maybe we'll be in touch some day concering a new Atlas guitar.

Thousands of thanks and best regards

(10) Jimmy Reid
10 August, 2010

Hello, saw the guitars at the London Excel Music show and was very impressed by what you can produce for £700! The Elegant ( Les Paul type ) Honey Sunburst colour I think was the stand out for me, absolutely beautiful finish and stood up to any of the other manufacturers there and not too bling. If I'd had the money that would have been the one I'd have walked away from the show with. Well done on a top quality product without taking the mick on pricing.

(9) Thomas Martin
10 August, 2010

Telstar 114 with locking heads, stained red burst head stock to match body, upgraded 2 point knife trem, and abalone dot inlay.

What can I say that hasn't already been said. I have been playing for 40 years and this is the best instrument I have ever owned period.
This guitar I have had since fall 2007 and I am "in love" with my Telstar, I just can't put it down. This guitar oozes quality. I have 13 other "big brand name" guitars from strat style to jazz boxes and I have all but abandon the lot in favor of my beautiful Telstar strat.......and I'm a jazz player!
The only change I have made, replaced the neck single coil with a supersonic mini bucker for a darker jazz tone. This guitar does it all jazz, blues, rock, country you name it.

My next guitar (after I liquidate my unused inventory) is an Ultimate 3 jazz box. Once you have tasted real quality, there is no going back to production guitars.

(8) Rendall Patton
10 August, 2010

I first saw these guitars at the 2008 newcastle guitar show and was imeadiatly inpresed by the shear quality of them.
However the modle I wanted was lacking one important feature a Floyd Rose trem so I asked Paul if Atlas would make me one.

I has been a long wait ( the first one made for me was damaged in transit by U.P.S) bu I finally recived my guitar last week and have to say it was well worth the wait.
It is without doubt the best guitar I have ever owned even better than my Gibson les paul, in fact Im currently saving to buy another.
In fact Ishowed it to a friend of mine and he took some photos of it and showed them to a friend of his son and he has already placed a order, remember these guitars are hand made from the finest materials and cost the same as many mid priced mass produced guitars

(7) Phil
10 August, 2010

Being an up and coming pro guitarist I needed a guitar that would make me stand out from the crowd and my Atlas has certainly done this. I not only have a guitar that sounds incredible, looks stunning and plays exceptionally well but it is very easy to fall in love with it.

I have many guitars by all of the major manufacturers in the business and the Atlas stands head and shoulders above the rest. The service I got from the Atlas team was amazing and I was informed at every step of the production what was happening. They were very helpful in the initial designing stages and despite them never having produced a 24 fret Luxurious model before (now a standard model) they redesigned their already great model to fit my demands. I had many specific things that I wanted on the guitar and nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

The quality of the wood is amazing, the quilt maple on the front is so defined and there is so much detail. The rosewood fret board and the flame maple neck are so smooth. Usually I am a firm believer that a guitar has to be played in for many hours before the neck and fret board become perfect but this arrived as good as it could be. The binding around the edge of the guitar is perfect and looks so classy.

As a result of this high quality service and an incredible final product I will continue to get my guitars from Atlas and I can not recommend them highly enough.



(6) Lee
10 August, 2010

I purchased a custom Telstar last year- the guitar was pretty much built to my request with star inlays and 'burst finish and was exactly how I pictured it, if not even nicer. Gotoh tuners and trem were fitted as optional extras and a coil-tap on the bridge humbucker- either a very welcome error or generous touch! Not only does the guitar look great and play as good as anything I've played/owned (including American Fender and PRS)- it comes with a hardcase and absolutely first class and very personal customer service from Paul Cummings.

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