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(5) Don
19 July, 2010

Hello Paul,

The guitar arrived today, many thanks for the quick delivery. It is stunning, I could not be more pleased. I really love it. And it has been a real pleasure to deal with you, please pass on to the Luthiers how much I love the guitar. I will be in touch with you soon, to order another, just need the bank balance to recover first.

(4) Greg Limehouse Lizzy
19 July, 2010

Hi Paul,

Just a quick email to let you know the Atlas guitar went down a storm at Rhodes Rock '08!

Showed it to loads of other guitarists (punters and fellow band members), and both shows were filmed for a DVD, so hopefully there should be some good footage of it in action. I have a few photographers out there who are going to try and get some live shots of it sent over - so I'll forward them on to you as and when.

It sounded great, and stayed in tune remarkably well considering it was 115 degrees at times over there (they had a heatwave that even had the Greeks reeling). The main power cable for the PA/lights/backline didn't handle things so well, and melted together. This caused it to explode, and there was a real panic to get it fixed up for the final show.

Hope all is well,


Greg (Limehouse Lizzy)

(3) Steve Rowlands
19 July, 2010

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for the email, sorry it's been a while in getting back to you, snowed under.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, no pressure sales was a welcome change to to the ever increasing 'hard sell' guitar dealers which are on the increase these days.

Thank you for your patience when it came to my indecision and your professional manner and obvious expertise.

The build quality of the guitar is second to none, I played the equivalent PRS and Eggle guitars at the exhibition and the Atlas come out on top - no question.

I have showed the instrument to professional session musicians who have 'jammed' it & who all agree that it is of the finest quality with great feel and playability.

Once again many thanks and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

Steve. Manchester - England

Steve Rowlands

(2) Terry Parkinson
19 July, 2010

Hi Paul,

I purchased an Atlas Custom Premier Hollow body guitar from Paul ,at Atlas guitars at the Manchester Guitar Show. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for the communication on informing me of shipping details, the packing was 1st class, The guitar itself is one of the best guitars I have ever owned, the attention to detail is excellent as is the finish, the wood is a 3A maple top with binding in the PRS class.

The range of tones from blues, jazz to bright Tele are all there. All I can say thanks to Paul for introducing me to such a great instrument .I am now a covert and I would recommend anyone just to try these instruments and I am sure you will be a convert too.

Best Regards

Terry Parkinson

(1) Pentti Karikko
19 July, 2010

Hi Paul!

I have just picked up an Atlas Guitar (Star Sapphire) from Post. I
bought the guitar second-hand from a fellow musicians ad.

First of all I must say that now-a-days very few things surprise me
anymore, but this time I was really hit with the hammer. Not only the
quality of the guitar but sheer performance and sound were so much over
my best expectations. In a closer inspection I did find the guitar to
be crafted with skill and finished with attention to detail.

I have had and have currently Custom Shop versions of Gibson, Fender and
PRS, I have Custom built guitars from lutheriers of Europe and naturally
Finland, this guitar is equal with the best and we are talking about
guitars that do over 3-5000€ a piece. The sound of the guitar is very
precise and reminds me of BC. Rich Eagle - even with "large" overdrive
every note can be identified and specially with pick-up made of stone
the separation of individual notes is phenomenal.

I would very much like to receive a full pricelist for guitars and
basses with available options.

Meanwhile wishing You all the best and Thank You for a great guitar.

Pentti Karikko
Loimaa, Finland

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