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Atlas Guitars proudly presents

It is an honour for Atlas Custom Guitars to endorse the fantastic Limehouse Lizzy band. These four guys have the talent and integrity not only to perform stunning gigs in their own right, but are a credit to the Lynott/Lizzy heritage, and keep their brilliant music alive. Check out the build process of their guitars below…

What They say;

Atlas Guitars are now endorsing Limehouse Lizzy and Greg’s custom made guitar – the first one – is under construction. Paul of Atlas Custom Guitars has sent us some workshop photos of this masterpiece, and here’s my low-down on it…

“Its a Les Paul Custom with a twist, its not black, but black tinted. Why? Well because those master craftsmen over at Atlas used the best piece of 5A quilted maple I’ve ever seen for the top! I want to see the wood its stunning! Its got a mahogany neck and body like a custom, with ebony fingerboard and block inlays. Me and Paul have plans for customising the electrics too, but that information is strictly classified until the next newsletter…”

Check out what Greg has to say about his guitar here:


Hi Paul,

Just a quick email to let you know the Atlas guitar went down a storm at Rhodes Rock ’08!

Showed it to loads of other guitarists (punters and fellow band members), and both shows were filmed for a DVD, so hopefully there should be some good footage of it in action. I have a few photographers out there who are going to try and get some live shots of it sent over – so I’ll forward them on to you as and when.

It sounded great, and stayed in tune remarkably well considering it was 115 degrees at times over there (they had a heatwave that even had the Greeks reeling). The main power cable for the PA/lights/backline didn’t handle things so well, and melted together. This caused it to explode, and there was a real panic to get it fixed up for the final show.

Hope all is well,